Friday, February 22, 2008

Jon supervising the assembly of the "pack n play"!!!!!

Here is the cozy "pack n play" -- we will not be packing this thing around. I hope to not be one of those parents that hauls a trunk load of supplies for babies everywhere that we go. I do realize that every one of those parents probably said the same thing pre - baby!!! But I can assure you that this thing will not be packed. It is quite adorable and was given to us by several of my (sam)coworkers. I put it together last night. Some of you may not know this but I am the handy one in this household -- Jon claims to be handy but has more important things to do ie.... finish reading The Diary of Anne Frank so he can move onto his book about Catholic Dogma. He is well read though and I appreciate that about him -- besides I like to put things together it's just fun to make fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

These are the cutest babies! I love seeing all these pics and Sammie you are so funny! I see the next Erma Bombeck emerging!
Can't wait to see all of ya'll.
Love and kisses,
T (Honey)