Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And away we go !!!

It's getting closer to baby time so I am getting everything assembled -- these last two days were devoted to their swing/bouncy seat combos. I am usually fairly handy but add 35 pounds, BIG FAT feet, the inability to get up from the floor (I don't even try anymore -- it's too embarassing), clumsy FAT fingers and it takes two days to get these tiny things together. But hey -- I've got time!!! And don't they look fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

Samantha, I am so proud of the life you have built for yourself. You will be a fantastic mother!! I miss both of you so much. I really can't wait to see ya'll!-Love Yvonne

Leslie said...

How interesting that you are naming the twins Edie and Ella. It is such a rare combination! (and absolutely adorable if I do say so myself!!!)
How did you come up with the two names together? My Ella is named after my Grandmother, and Edie has no significance, I just LOVE the name! Anyways, good luck with the twins.