Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I must have magnets in my belly !!!

I have mentioned before that it does not bother me that nearly everyone LOVES to rub my belly. It's like my belly is a magnet and everyone has metal hands -- they are just drawn to it. I am the same way -- I love pregnant bellies though I will never again touch one without at least first asking. It's the crazy comments and stories people feel compelled to share with you that really crack me up.

Jon and I went to the hospital yesterday for a coworkers "going away party". He was one of our nursing assistants here and is heading back to Mexico for various reason but he will resume his prior job when he gets there -- a pediatric surgeon. That is no lie!!! We will miss him.

So at this going away party there was a table filled with delicious mexican food -- chips, salsa, rice, beans, and egg rolls (go figure). When we arrived there was quite a line so I decided to wait a bit to help my self since it is difficult to maneuver this belly also I am quite clumsy and didn't want to knock anything from someones hands. Well - once the line went down I went back to the table and was cornered -- I will mention no names but it was an interesting barrage of questions that were thrown my way. VERY FUNNY!!!

funny questions #1

"so have your boobs started leaking yet?" -- was I really supposed to answer this question? just for the record NO they haven't!!!

funny story #1

"I remember when I was nursing and would take a shower and milk would just start squirting everywhere -- it was crazy" -- ok seriously, do you have to share such stories in the food line no less?

I know that people mean well with the stories and comments and I really do enjoy them BUT some of them need to be made (just a tad) fun of.

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